Creative Continuation of the CSJ Mission to Meet the Needs of Today and Tomorrow

Through its St. Joseph Worker Program, a year-long full-time social justice volunteer program, Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet actively mentor young women in the values of social justice, leadership, spirituality and intentional community. Creating new leaders for social change in the mold and tradition of the CSJs gives new life and dimension to the Sisters’ mission.

The St. Joseph Worker Program fosters leadership for young women who seek to be agents of change. Each woman works at a community non-profit that addresses social issues, such as domestic violence, homelessness, health care for the uninsured, education, and immigration. When the St. Joseph Workers complete their year of service, they are prepared for professional lives in the health, education and service sectors. The mission and values of the CSJs are embedded in their careers and service to the greater community.

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