Safety and Home After Fleeing Terrible Circumstances

Sarah’s. . .an Oasis for Women is not a big splashy public ministry. It is a peaceful, beautiful home in a quiet neighborhood of St. Paul where women can regain their equilibrium and prepare to become contributing members of U.S. society.

Sisters of St. Joseph provide safe housing, life skills and citizenship training for immigrant women who have no other sources of support. At Sarah’s…an Oasis for Women, Sisters of St. Joseph have provided transitional housing and supportive services to more than 650 women from more than 65 nations. The majority of these women have experienced war, physical and mental abuse including torture and separation from their loved ones. Some of the residents at Sarah’s…an Oasis for Women have fled their native countries under threat of violence and death. In many cases, their families have been left behind. But before they can become self-sufficient in their new country, they need to heal from abuse, torture, or discrimination.

For more information, go to www.sarahsoasis.org