Executive Committee

To execute Board policy and take action between Board meetings on such matters that must be addressed on an expedient bases. The Executive Committee possesses the full power and authority of the Board, except as may be provided by any resolution adopted by the Board.

Members: Bridget Sperl, Chair; Beth Bird; Anita S. Duckor; Kay Egan, CSJ; Suzanne Herder, CSJ; Mary Lydon; Gabrielle Rohde; Jill Underdahl, CSJ; Jean Wincek, CSJ.

Development Committee

To direct, oversee, and assist as necessary in the establishment and implementation of fundraising programs capable of supporting the activities and goals of the Ministries Foundation and CSJ ministries.

Members: Kristine Smyth, Chair; Michele Foster; Stacy Jacobson; Brian Mullen; Mark Richards; Gabrielle Rohde; Annie Sarver-Bodoh; Bridget Sperl.

Governance Committee

To ensure board effectiveness, maximum participation and performance; to recommend new board members in a timely fashion; to ensure board and organization policies are being observed; to implement board development and growth opportunities throughout the year; to ensure all board members receive orientation; to recommend changes in the by-laws; and to annually recommend a slate of officers to the board for approval.

Anita S. Duckor, Chair; Kevin Berg; Beth Bird; Bridget Sperl; Jean Wincek, CSJ.

Marketing Committee

To increase donors, volunteers, supporters and contributions by educating, engaging and inviting the public to join the CSJ’s current work advancing education, healthcare, spirituality and social justice for all dear neighbors.

Members: Gabrielle Rohde, Chair; Cheryl Behrent; Jenna Bendel; Mary Connelly, CSJ; Kay Egan, CSJ; Maya Missaghi; Martha Nemesi; Annie Sarver-Bodoh; Kristine Smyth; Bridget Sperl.

Grants Committee

To support the goals and priorities of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet St. Paul Province , as determined by the Sister Assembly, by distributing:

  1. An amount from the Partner In Ministry Fund determined by the Finance Committee in accordance with the Foundation’s approved investment policy.
  2. Proceeds from the main fundraising event benefiting the ministries.
  3. One half of the surplus revenue over operation expenses each year from the Ministries Foundation Annual Fund.

Members: Jill Underdahl, CSJ; Beth Bird; Suzanne Herder, CSJ; Mary Lydon; Colleen O’Malley, CSJ; Annie Sarver-Bodoh; Bridget Sperl; Marie Shaun Walter, CSJ.

Finance Committee

To review all financial matters of the Ministries Foundation and to make recommendations to the Board or to its Executive Committee on such financial matters.

Members: Mary Lydon, Chair; Beth Bird; Maria Bonnie; Steve Kenney; Jim Reetz; Catherine Mary Rosengren, CSJ; Annie Sarver-Bodoh; Bridget Sperl; Marg Wall.


  • Investment Subcommittee Members: Mary Lydon, Chair; Maria Bonnie; Jack Hansen; Julie Gerend; Roger Norris; Jim Reetz.