Give to the Max 2018

November 1-15 is giving away Golden Ticket prizes November 1 -15; the more donations we receive, the better. We could win a lot of bonus cash, up to $10,000 additional dollars!

Plus, we need your help to reach out to your friends and family for first time supporters!

Here’s How You Can Help:

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA! Share our GTMD day page on social media, etc. Share multiple times! Please make sure to include why you care about and support the Ministries Foundation.
    1. Create your own post on social media or look for posts from the Ministries Foundation’s Facebook and Twitter.
      1. Our GTMD page:
      2. Ministries Foundation Facebook:
      3. Ministries Foundation Twitter:
      4. Invite people to our Facebook event:


  1. EMAIL! Forward an ask email or two to friends, family, co-workers and other groups.
    1. A template e-mail has been provided below.


  1. CREATE YOUR OWN FUNDRAISER! Set up your own giving page and share it with friends and family. It’s easy! This can easily be done by visiting our GTMD page; click the Fundraise button at the top of the page.


  1. FIND A LOON! is doing a fun promotion Nov. 12 – 15; find a loon by following clues on their Facebook page and get $100 – $1,000 to donate to the organization of your choice (the Ministries Foundation)! Find out more at

Prefer to text, call or communicate another way? Spread the word however you please! We love our champions for sharing about the Ministries Foundation and directing individuals to our GiveMN page!

Plus, always feel free to offer tours of the ministries to people via e-mail, etc. We would love to have them visit and see amazing programs in action!


Contact Jenna for any assistance!

Jenna’s Contact Info: and/or 651-690-7026


Template GTMD e-mail (bold portion needs to be updated/reviewed based on dates):


I’d thought you’d be interested in learning more about and, I hope, supporting the Sisters of St. Joseph Ministries Foundation for this year’s Give to the Max. The Sisters’ ministries have been making bold moves for real change in our communities since 1851 and are as vital today as ever.

Currently, these ministries focus on:

  • adult immigrants’ empowerment through education,
  • a safe place for women in crisis,
  • mobilizing the next generation,
  • health care for the uninsured and much more.

Truly, they do so much and I’m proud to support them because [insert reason]. Take a look at their Give to the Max page. Your contribution would really mean a lot to them and me. All donations count toward our Give to the Max goal and Golden Ticket prizes. We could win up to $10,000 to support this program!


P.S. Give to the Max Day is November 15, but you can give now and give them a chance at prizes!  



Visit the Ministries Foundation’s Home Page